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Welcome to I'm here to show you that eating out in OKC as a vegetarian, as well as cooking vegetarian food wherever you are, is much easier and more satisfying than you may think.


List: 9 Places to Get Great Hummus

List: 9 Places to Get Great Hummus

We all know white people love hummus, but I challenge you to find a bigger hummus-loving white person than myself. I’ll eat it with veggies; I’ll eat it with chips; I’ll eat it with quinoa (ultimate white person move right there). I will straight up dip pizza into that shit. There’s no food I can’t turn into a device for delivering hummus into my mouth.

Do I consider myself a hummus connoisseur? You betcha. So here are my top picks for where to consume the mother of all Mediterranean dips in the OKC metro.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus via Pizzeria Gusto

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus via Pizzeria Gusto

1) Roasted Red Pepper Hummus via Pizzeria Gusto

As peppers are one of my favorite foods, I absolutely love me a good roasted red pepper hummus; it's thick, hearty and incorporates a ton of garlic. It's served with crispy pizza dough and just has a super concentrated, rich flavor. I highly recommend pouring a bit of their red pepper-infused olive oil on top to increase the spice level a bit. And if you get lucky, they might just be featuring a hummus pizza (if so, order it at once).

2415 N. Walker Ave. @gustookc

2) Lemon + Garlic Hummus via Cafe 501

Cafe 501 has had great hummus for years now and is certainly a must-order. We’re talking chickpeas blended with lemon juice, garlic and harissa and topped with feta cheese. Then they give you these crispy pita chips that are basically French fries that make you feel better about yourself. I could eat this all day every day.

Locations in Edmond and OKC. @cafe501

Veggie Biscuits via Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard

Veggie Biscuits via Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard

Please note that Aurora is permanently closed as of June 2019.

3) White Bean Hummus via Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard

This isn't just hummus on a biscuit—it's hummus on the arguably best biscuit in town. Order the Veggie Biscuits and you'll receive thin, crispy biscuits topped with white bean hummus, fresh avocado, heirloom tomato jam, feta and a runny egg. Because the hummus is made with white beans, it's much lighter and a touch runnier than your traditional variety; rather than being the main attraction on these biscuits, it acts as an elegant "sauce" to bind all the flavors together. Ask for their house-made hot sauce on the side, and you'll seriously be good to go.

1704 NW 16th St. @auroraokc

Falafel Plate via Baba G Mediterranean Grill

Falafel Plate via Baba G Mediterranean Grill

4) Spicy Hummus via Baba G Mediterranean Grill

Baba G has stolen my heart with their cheap-as-hell create-your-own plates; for $7.99, you get falafel, saffron rice and pita and your choice of two sides and a variety of toppings and sauces. I tend to order the Falafel Plate with spicy hummus, quinoa tabouleh, house pickled turnips, sumac onions, shredded lettuce, cumin chickpeas, garlic toum and tzatziki. So cheap. So good. So much food. Their spicy hummus is simply classic and incorporates just enough harissa to make things interesting.

4401 W. Memorial Rd., Suite 73134. @babaggrill

5) Trio via Picasso Cafe

Order the Trio at Picasso Café, and all future appetizers will pale in comparison. Let me break it down for you: you have one bowl of perfectly textured hummus with the ideal lemon juice-to-garlic ratio; another bowl of tangy and chunky tapenade; then a third bowl of the creamiest spinach-artichoke dip you will ever have the privilege to put in your mouth. Grab a plate, be daring, and mix all three together. That pita bread won’t know what hit it.

3009 Paseo. @picassocafe

6) Classic Hummus via Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza

While you could just order Upper Crust's Classic Hummus starter served with warm pita bread, I highly suggest skipping that basic bitch route and incorporating the hummus in a build-your-own charcuterie board. The price will depend upon what you add to your board; meats are $4 each, cheeses are $3 and additional items, like fig jam and the aforementioned hummus, are $2. My favorite combo is Stilton + Mozzarella + Hummus + Roasted Red Peppers (pictured above, and if you order at least three items then the board will come with crostinis, mustard and apples). I love these boards as heavy appetizers or even as kinda-light dinners.

Three Oklahoma locations. @uppercrust_pizza

Hummus Plate via The Kitchen at Commonplace

Hummus Plate via The Kitchen at Commonplace

7) Hummus Plate via The Kitchen at Commonplace

Commonplace Books was already my favorite place in the whole of OKC (I formally express my love here), but then they added food to the mix and changed the game completely. I can honestly say that I need to try more things on the menu, because what I ordered as my main lunch course, Chile & Garlic Polenta, is not something I'd order again (I learned I'm not a fan of polenta in the style of grits). However, the hummus plate was spot-on. Topped with freshly cracked black pepper, olive oil and whole chickpeas, this hummus was thick and whipped into oblivion. It was served with pickled cauliflower (a first, but I adored it), carrot sticks, beets (weird with hummus, in my opinion) and excellent toasted bread. Seriously worth a try.

1325 N. Walker Ave., No. 138. @commonplaceokc

8) Hummus Sandwich via The Earth Cafe

In case you're not familiar with The Earth, it's a hippie-dippie hangout in Norman that I frequented in college (reminds me a lot of The Red Cup in OKC). When I think of The Earth, I think of two things: fantastic vegetarian chili and hearty hummus sandwiches. For $7.99, you can enjoy a sandwich with your choice of honey wheat bread, German rye or gluten free bread plus a side of carrots, tortilla chips or greens. The sandwich features thick, garlicky homemade hummus with shredded carrots, black olives, red onions, sprouts, mixed greens, vegan mayo and stone ground mustard. It's definitely no joke and will leave you satisfied all day long.

309 S. Flood Ave., Norman. @earthcafenorman

8) Simply Falafel

My favorite part about Simply Falafel is its authentic, welcoming environment. Owner Magid Assaleh personally greets each guest open arrival and explains his approach to food, noting that neither butter nor cream makes its way into his authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Assaleh, a Syrian who emigrated to the U.S. in 1978, is a seasoned chef and excellent host (check out a fabulous story about him here).

This hummus is heavy on the tahini and is super creamy. Our waitress recommended we dip our falafel in it, and she was spot on; as I'm a "mixer," I dipped my falafel in the hummus, then the tzatziki, then the garlic sauce, a seriously delicious trifecta. Assaleh tried to get us to guess what was in the garlic sauce, but he totally stumped us—vinegar, mayo and potato starch, in addition to the obvious garlic. Worth the trip to Edmond for this crack-like sauce alone. And be sure to ask for the hummus with a side of spicy sauce!

343 S. Blackwelder Ave., Edmond.

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