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Angie's Strawberry Cake

Angie's Strawberry Cake

I grew up with a huge, ginormous sweet tooth (I definitely inherited it from my father). Ice cream was a staple in our freezer, and weekend trips to Braum’s were always a special treat. We were one of those families that nearly always forewent appetizers at restaurants in favor of desserts—the more decadent, the better.

So naturally, desserts that had anything to do with special occasions were always especially revered. My dad always had carrot cake on his birthday, and I always had strawberry cake. That’s just how it was. I no longer request a cake from my mom on my birthday—I’m not six anymore, and my sweeth tooth has majorly diminished in my “old age”—but it’s always fun to whip up the tried-and-true strawberry cake for family gatherings. This year, we thought Easter lunch at my in-laws’ house would be the perfect excuse.


I was off work for Good Friday, so I went over to my parents’ house to help my mom make this special cake (and to take photos of it, of course). And for all this talk about this glorious strawberry cake, I think you’ll be amazed at how simple it is! It’s basically a semi-homemade cake; just manipulate a few boxed ingredients and you’re pretty much good to go. Serve it as is, or garnish it with fresh strawberries or even sprinkles if desired! Either way, I guarantee you’re going to have people asking you for Angie’s Strawberry Cake recipe (thanks, mom).



  • 1 box strawberry cake mix

  • 1 - 3 oz. package strawberry Jell-O mix

  • 1/2 c. water

  • 1/2 c. vegetable oil

  • 4 egg whites

  • 1 c. frozen strawberries, thawed and divided in two

  • 1 - 16 oz. box of powdered sugar

  • 1 stick of butter, softend

  • 2 round baking pans

  • Parchment paper

  • Cooking spray

  • Fresh strawberries, to garnish (optional)


1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Add the strawberry cake mix, Jell-O powder, water, vegetable oil, egg whites and 1/2 c. of the thawed frozen strawberries to a bowl or mixer. Mix well to combine.

2) Use two round baking pans to trace a circle around the pans onto parchment paper. Cut out the parchment paper circle and place it into one of the round pans. Repeat for the second pan, and spray both with cooking spray (be sure to spray the side of the pans as well).


3) Use a spatula to scrape half of the cake batter into one pan and half into the other pan. Smooth the top of each layer out so it’s even. Bake according to the directions on the box of cake mix. You’ll know the cakes are done if you stick a toothpick into the center and it comes out clean.

4) After the cakes are done, place them on a wire rack and allow them to cool completely before adding the icing. This step is crucial—otherwise you’ll end up with a pool of icing that won’t stay on the cake!

5) Add the remaining 1/2 c. thawed frozen strawberries, the box of powdered sugar and the stick of softened butter to a bowl or mixer and mix until smooth (or as smooth as possible…our icing usually still has little flecks of butter in it).

6) Carefully remove the first cake layer from its pan and place onto a cake stand. Scoop a generous portion, maybe 1/3 c. or 1/2 c., of the icing onto the layer. Use your spatula to spread it out evenly. Place the second cake layer on top of the first one, pour the rest of the icing over the cake and use your spatula to spread it evenly and make it smooth.

7) If you’re going to add any garnish or decorations, I’d suggest letting the cake hang out in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to allow the icing to firm up. Otherwise, serve and enjoy!

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